All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Brian is a freelance journalist from Richmond, Virginia, USA.



Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, Brian got his first taste of writing and performing music in the early 1990’s when he jumped feet first into the music industry, joining an established local punk band and writing articles for independent local and national music magazines. Paying his dues, he played every dive bar and club in the Mid Atlantic area. Quickly gaining confidence in his abilities as a musician, he began writing and recording original music with the his own band, Compression. After several self-pressed records and years of playing clubs up and down the East Coast, he hung up his guitar and moved on to a career in Information Technology in the late 1990s. Moving to Las Vegas, Nevada in the early 2000s, he again felt the gravitational pull of performing again so he began playing part time in casino lounge acts in the evenings while still playing the part of an IT executive during the day. He earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology specializing in Neuropsychology and was a contributing author of psychology research publications. Returning to the East Coast in 2011, he earned his Masters degree in Applied Information Technology delivering a Masters thesis on database design and implementation. In 2017, he returned to his passion of his youth, music and the art of writing and recording, by making a midlife pivot to become a full time freelance writer specializing in music history. He is currently working on his first book “Island Music: The History of AIR Studios Montserrat.”