Hitting the road for some in-field research.

In mid-January, I will heading to Antigua and then on to Montserrat in order to interview locals and studio staffers. A friend of mine who is a travel writer told me that I could not do the story of AIR Studios Montserrat proper justice until I put my boots on the island to learn what it is like to live there. I have to agree. It is truly unique among the islands in the Caribbean. Small, isolated, but with the friendliest people you could ever wish to meet. I can only hope that there are official records that still exist of the studio’s construction and operation somewhere on the island. Since the capital city Plymouth was destroyed by volcanic activity in the late 1990s, there may be nothing left of those records but I will not know until I start banging on doors and digging through boxes. There are some great locals on the island with lots of stories to tell, pictures to see, and studio memorabilia. I will even be taking a trip to the studio ruins with a local tour guide.

I can not wait to get to Montserrat to meet the people, taste the food, and have some great conversations about the old AIR Studios Montserrat. See you soon!